Weighing Supervision & Bridge Load Rating

ME has been performing bridge evaluations for overweight permit vehicles and reducible loads for the B.C. Trucking Industry since 2006.

We have been the prime consultant for the Ministry’s bridge overload evaluations. This work has required the management of four other consultants under tight deadlines. We have performed thousands of overload evaluations in every area of the province and are familiar with bridges on all major provincial highways. Some notable bridges in this category include Pouce Coupe River Bridge on Highway 49, Tastsquan Creek Bridge on Highway 20, Rescue Creek Bridge on Highway 37, Craigellaghie Overhead on Highway 1, Gunter Bridge on Highway 52, Bitter Creek on Highway 37A, Red River Bridge on Highway 99, Basalt Creek on Highway 16 and Bonaparte # 4 on Highway 97.